Motorcycle Courier
Jiffy bags, documents and small packages.
If unsure of size, go for a car.
Prices for bikes and cars are the same.

Car Courier
Small boxes, lever arch files and so on.
If in doubt on size then opt for a small van.
Prices for cars and small vans are the same.

Small Van Courier
Payload (Kg): 300kg - 500kg
Dimensions 1.40m (L) x 1.20m (W) x 1.20m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 2.95

Standard Pallet 1       Euro Pallet 1 

7.5 Tonne Vehicle Box/Curtain Side
Payload (Kg): 2300 - 2500kg
Dimensions 5.40m (L) x 2.30m (W) x 2.00m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 28.51

Standard Pallets 9     Euro Pallets 14

18 Tonne Vehicle Box/Curtain Side
Payload (Kg): 8000 - 9000kg
Dimensions 8.00m (L) x 2.30m (W) x 2.00m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 44.16

Standard Pallets 14     Euro Pallets 18

Standard Transit Van Courier
Payload (Kg): 600 - 900kg
Dimensions 2.40m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 1.40m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 5.70

Standard Pallets 2     Euro Pallets 2

Luton Vans Box/Curtain Side
Payload (Kg): 800 - 900kg
Dimensions 4.00m (L) x 2.00m (W) x 2.20m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 17.60

Standard Pallets 4     Euro Pallets 6

Extra LWB Transit Van Courier
Payload (Kg): 1000 - 1100kg
Dimensions 4.00m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 1.80m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 13.79

Standard Pallets 4     Euro Pallets 5

Above measurements are offered as a guideline only. Manufacturer's vehicle sizes & carrying capacities vary.

LWB Transit Van Courier
Payload (Kg): 1000 - 1300kg
Dimensions 3.30m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 1.50m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 11.44

Standard Pallets 3     Euro Pallets 4

Artic Lorry Box/Curtain Side
Payload (Kg): 25000 - 27000kg
Dimensions 13.40m (L) x 2.30m (W) x 2.00m (H)
Body Cube (cbm): 77.00

Standard Pallets 26     Euro Pallets 32